All Ekon-O-Pac Products Proudly Made in the USA!!

Corrections Facilities

With over 30 years of providing solutions for correctional facility packing needs, our bags and sealer make it possible to efficiently wrap items in your own kitchen, saving time and money.



At Ekon-O-Pac, our goal is to provide you with the best equipment, unbeatable service, and an end product that you will love. Being involved with correctional facilities for so long has given us the opportunity to specifically design our products based on feedback from first-hand users. We proudly offer them as ways to enhance your operations and save you money.

EPAC+ Bagging System


The EPAC+ is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to package your food. With speeds that rival automated systems and the versatility to package anything you could think of, the EPAC+ is the perfect system to use with our line of EPAC bags.


The EPAC+ system includes:


Heavy duty tape sealer

Made from Cold Rolled Steel, HDPE Plastic, and Stainless Steel parts


Bag Stand

Made from Fabricated 3/8” HDPE to withstand heavy usage, easy to clean

Our EPAC bags designed for correctional facility use come in cable-tied bundles, allowing for easy tear off and little waste. 

Our Bag Stands and Tape Sealers are made in the USA from high density polyethylene for ultimate durability. There is no electricity needed so you can package anywhere in your facility. 


With a quick downward motion, our heavy duty tape sealer will have your bags sealed easier than you could imagine. After a few minutes of practice, anyone can become proficient. 


You can choose between seven colors of tape; red, blue, green, white, yellow, tan, and orange. This allows you to use multiple colors for packaging date or freshness. 



Perfect for individually packaging fruits and vegetables


Place on ice or in refrigerator after packaging to extend freshness


Package days in advance of service


Crystal clear packaging allows inmates to see exactly what they’re receiving


No electricity needed so you can bag and seal anywhere in your facility


Save money by buying whole produce and packaging it yourself


Less cost per package when you package your own products 


Package popular combinations of condiments or sandwich set-up


Use large bags for grab-and-go, sack lunch, lockdown, and off-site feeding