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EPAC Deluxe w/ Digital Bag Counter


Product Overview

The EPAC Deluxe is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to package your food. With speeds that rival automated systems and the versatility to package anything you could think of, the EPAC Deluxe is the most effecient way to package items or meals. No need to worry about counting servings either, our magnetic counter attached to the Base Plate will count servings for you.

With a quick downward motion, our heavy duty tape sealer will have your bags sealed easier than you could imagine. Pull the bag out at the point to leave the excess for a nicer presentation. After a few minutes of practice, anyone can become proficient. The best part is, as long as you are a bag customer of ours, we will send any maintenance parts free of charge for life. You will never need to replace our sealer!


The EPAC Deluxe Includes:

  • Heavy Duty Tape Sealer W/ Counter Mechanism made from Cold Roll Steel
  • Plastic and Stainless Steel Parts
  • Trimmer Blade to Trim Excess Bag
  • Base Plate to attach Tape Sealer Deluxe
  • Bag Stand


  • Safe, fast and easy to use
  • Tamper Evident Seal.
  • Environmentally Preferable. No electricity needed.
  • Free lifetime maintenance parts for bag customers. You will never need to replace our Sealer!


*Tape Not Included*


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