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Complete 8 Wedge Sectionizer


Product Overview

Sunkist 8 wedge sectionizer


Cut fresh fruits and vegetables into uniform, even wedges with the Sunkist S-104 Commercial Sectionizer. This product makes it a breeze to cut lemons, limes, oranges, tomatoes, onions, and a host of other produce into 8 identical wedges. Simply insert your whole or cut-to-size produce into the Sectionizer, push down on the lever, and your fruits and vegetables will be perfectly cut! This versatile tool is suitable for cutting all firm fruits and vegetables that do not have pits. Not only does the Sectionizer save time over cutting produce by hand, it makes it easy for any member of your kitchen staff to create uniform cuts that will enhance the presentation of your signature salads, entrees, desserts, or beverages.


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